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Naomi Fukuta

Dulci Paws Owner

Up-and-coming young entrepreneur Naomi Fukuta is the owner and founder of North Hollywood’s successful pet start-up, Dulci Paws Dog Walking and Pet Sitting. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she attended business school in Los Angeles and gained valuable experience in the fast-paced business world. But Naomi has spent her life alongside dogs and other animals, and soon realized that she wanted to work with pets. In 2012, she made the decision to begin her own business, Dulci Paws.  A devoted dog owner,  her own companions are a Yorkie named AiAi, a Maltese/Shitzu mix named Cookie, and her newest addition, a Beagle/Chihuaha mix named Lucky. She treasures every moment she spends with them.  Naomi always looks forward to meeting new furry friends and looks after them just like family.

Michael Farrell

Dulci Paws Co-Owner

Michael Farrell was born in Illinois and moved around a lot growing up as a product of two Air Force Parents. Michael is a proud father of two sons and owned his own dog walking business before his move to the Los Angeles area. Working hard at his business, Michael has shown an interest in continuing his work here and recently joined Dulci Paws as its co-owner. He has always had a connection with animals and had pets throughout his life. He is always excited to meet new people and their pets and wants to help animals in any way possible.


Dog Walker

Alexis LeFortune is a filmmaker and is currently working with her team on her feature film for our troops. Alexis was raised in the Civil War town of Charleston, S.C. for 23 years and has attended The College of Charleston while owning a variety of dogs all those years and continues to do so here in Los Angeles. She loves the escape, joy & therapy that animals have to offer not only her, but all of us! In this photo, she is with her adopted 3 yr. old dog, Beauregard “Buddy” LeFortune who was abused by 2 different owners and thrown in 2 different shelters. Alexis later realized it was really “Buddy” who picked Alexis, when he climbed up on her chair to sit next to her and leaned his body into hers resting his paw on her lap. He had been there waiting for her. This photo, taken 4 months after that day, is still his happy mood…hers too!

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Marlita was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Atlanta at ten years old. She has loved animals for as long as she could remember. Growing up, Marlita had a dog named Claus who later passed away after being hit by a car. She grew up around all different kinds of animals because her great grandmother owned a farm.  When it was time for Marlita to go to college, she knew she wanted to study animal science. During her matriculation at Tuskegee University, she worked on caprine farms, poultry farms, and swine production farms.  She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal, Poultry and Veterinary Sciences/BUSN from Tuskegee University in 2012. She has worked with companion animals for the last four years as a vet tech, enrichment facilitator, animal rescue manager, and in dog daycare. Animal care and welfare is very important to Marlita and it is her lifelong dream to help every animal she possibly can.

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Nicole was born and raised in Southern California. Her father was the director for LA county coroner’s office for 40 years and also a Vietnam War veteran. Her mother was a stay at home mom who constantly exposed her and her brother to dogs. Growing up, she learned how to train dogs, from obedience to finding the perfect balance and lifestyle for different breeds and personalities. Her household always had at least two dogs, if not more! The pups were treated as part of the family and were given lots of love and taught discipline. She has always been a dog lover and currently owns 2 beautiful pups.